Why Reusable Products are Trendy

Conscious consumption means that you, as a customer, understand that your buying activity influences the environment and the common well-being in general. Present-day ecological issues heavily guide a noticeable part of the purchasing decisions of everyone who cares about the planet’s sustainability.

More so those who love the outdoors understand more than anyone how plastics and disposables degrade the environment. Embrace the idea of eco-friendly practices even on the go….

Reusable hydration solutions on the go 

Recycling, waste reducing and reusing are easy-to-follow steps for each and every one of us: even if they seem to be insignificant on a global scale, they actually slow down the negative environmental effects of the growing amount of waste.

Gradually, the switch to eco-friendly, reusable products becomes ‘a new normal’: it’s not only a socially approved behavior pattern, but a fashion statement as well.

In 2017, reusable water bottles became a kind of a status symbol widely demonstrated by celebrities and influencers alike. 

Sleek Travel Stainless Coffee flasks/mug when you make a stop over at Starbucks or your favorite coffee joint, you can ask that they pack your caffeine on the go in this sleek stainless steel coffee flask which will keep it hot for 10 hours. Skip the disposable plastic or paper cup!

  • On the go Ceramic Tea Infuser – some of us love our brewed tea but may not have time to wait for it to brew on the stove. With this potable ceramic flask with a sieve and cups, you can prep your brew and let it stew on your way to work, meeting, picnic and have it hot when you are ready.
  • Trendy water infuser shaker bottle – throw some lemons in this trendy infuser bottle and have lemon water on the go. It comes with a straw that is wide enough for smoothies or yogurt.
  • Reusable produce bags – these are handy and convenient for  your grocery runs. Ditch the plastic bags and use these environmentally friendly cotton re-usable alternatives.
  • Silicone Stretch lids – 100% environmental friendly silicone raw which is non-toxic. Reusable, easy to clean and convenient for your picnics, packed lunches or food storage. Can handle temperatures of 30 and 230 degrees and fit into any shape. 

So, if reusable products are an integral part of your daily life, you’re not simply ‘a crazy activist’ –  you’re a responsible person, who is also very trendy and aware of the hottest current fashion.

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