How to Carry Your Essentials on the Run

You don’t have to suffer the inconvenience of leaving essential items at home when you go for your run. With these tips, you can carry your credit card or phone or some money conveniently with you during your run.

Carrying ID with you when you hit the road is a good play-it-safe/always-be-prepared idea. Carry your credit card or some money just in case you have to stop in a convenience store for water or sports drink mid-run. Sometimes you just need a place to stash the key so that it is not in your hand or does not slip and drop.

Some simple ways to carry your essentials when you are on the run:-

Waterproof Wristband or Armband

If you are also looking to stash your phone, consider buying a fully-waterproof armband. The snug fit against your bicep won’t affect your stride, but will protect your valuables while giving you easy access to your screen to switch music or hit start, pause and stop on your running app. There is room for cards, a key and money (in notes).

How to Carry Your Essentials on the Run 9

Running Belt or Pouch

These aren’t your Grandma’s fanny pack. These are sleek and more streamlined to fit snugly but comfortably around your waist without a bouncing or chafing. They are pretty roomy, like this one giving you a place to also stash a key, carry your phone or your entertainment, and gels etc. Some are designed to double as hydration packs.

How to Carry Your Essentials on the Run 10 How to Carry Your Essentials on the Run 11 How to Carry Your Essentials on the Run 12

Hidden Pockets

Invest in gear with secure, zippered pockets. All jackets and top layers will have a zipped pocket for your essentials . But there are times you are not wearing a jacket due to the weather. Shorts, tights, and even sports bras come with secured pockets where you can easily slip in essential cards to carry. Longer compression shorts often have pockets along the sides that keep your carry-ons secure and tight against the body to prevent jostling.

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