4 reasons you dont need a gym

More equipment isn’t always better

Those fancy machines aren’t superior to free weights exercises (and in most cases aren’t even as effective). Having 12 different machines for lat pulldowns doesn’t make a gym superior, but magically justifies a charge in membership costs. In most cases you never ever use any of those machines.

Getting fit isn’t as mysterious and difficult as gyms make out

You can literally learn all you need to know about health and fitness from your own research. YouTube, fitness blogs and free videos off the internet are enough to learn all you need in terms of proper form, frequency, reps etc. If you are in need of extra motivation or have no time to learn these, you may consider a personal trainer.

Most products being sold are a waste of money

The array of protein drinks, snacks, supplements, gels etc. most gyms peddle do little to nothing, and are horrendously overpriced compared to what you can get online or make yourself. Some even have smoothie bars that make fruit laden smoothies that you don’t need and will undo all your hard work.  

They know you’ll probably stop attending

As long as you keep paying that monthly fee they don’t care. They rely on it whether you go to the gym or not or whether you are getting value for it or not.

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